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Keynote Speakers

Thursday 1/9/2016

Session 1



Andy Valdar


President of Fitce Europe


Andy Valdar has had a wide ranging career in telecoms. After 30 years working for BT, including three years on secondment to the UN in India, he joined University College London in 1999 directing part-time MSc programmes.  Although now retired from UCL, he retains his Visiting Professor role and still lectures occasionally.  Andy has authored three text books on telecoms, is on the ITP Board, Chairman of the ITP Journal’s Editorial Board, and is currently President of FITCE Europe.




Christos Fouskoudis


Executive Director Technical Service & Technology Transformation Fixed & Mobile, OTE Group



Christos Fouskoudis is the Executive Director of Technical Services & Technology Transformation, Fixed & Mobile of OTE Group.

He has extensive experience in the Telecommunications Sector, having served either as a consultant or as an executive for more than 10 operators in Europe and Asia, for more than 10 years. He has been working for OTE Group for the last four years, having served the Group in Greece and Romania from both Technology & Commercial senior positions.

Christos holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from the Technical School of the Aristotle Thessaloniki University and an MBA from the ALBA university.




Anastasios Dimopoulos


Vice President of the BoD, Intracom Telecom



Mr. Anastasios Dimopoulos holds a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and a M.Sc. Degree in Telematics from the University of Essex, England.

He joined INTRACOM in 1987 as an Engineer in Research & Development. He has served as a Project Manager in a number of R&D projects, as Telecommunications Strategy Manager since 1992, and as Deputy General Manager of the Commercial Division since 1999. Mr. Dimopoulos was appointed General Manager of the Telecommunication Products & Networks Division in January 2002 and General Manager of the Access, Transmission and Terminals Business Unit in March 2004. He served as Advisor to the CEO from January 2005 to December 2005. From January 2006 to the end of 2009, he was General Manager of the Network Integration & Professional Services Division of INTRACOM TELECOM.

Mr. Dimopoulos is now the Vice President of the BoD and the General Manager of the Telco Software Business Division.

Session 2


Sotirios Bithas


Marketing Director, Intracom Telecom



Mr. Sotiris Bithas holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and a M.Sc. in Information Technology from the University College London, UK.

He joined Intracom in 1998, where he led technical product development teams, involved in various technological areas such as data broadcasting, video & voice over IP and distributed systems.

Today, he is the Product Management & Presales Director of Intracom Telecom’s Telco Software Business Division, being responsible for the strategy, coordination & monitoring of all business activities of the Software Business Division, in the technological areas of:

• IoT & smarter connected infrastructures & solutions

• Real-time Big Data Analytics


• IPTV/OTT & Value-Added Services

• Operation & Business Support Systems

• Customer Care & Customer Experience Management



Andreas Caracostas


Senior Manager

Accenture – Communications, Media & Technology (CMT)



Mr. Andreas Caracostas, Senior Manager of Accenture’s CMT Operating Group, will be presenting Internet of Things (IoT), a topic which is disrupting the marketplace with strong growth potential. The presentation will provide insights on IoT trends and perspectives, its dramatic impact on the world and Telecom business as well as the opportunities arising from its adoption.




Dr. George Heliotis


Telecommunications Engineer,




Dr. George Heliotis is a telecommunications engineer at OTE’s Division of Labs & New Technologies, holding a Ph.D. from Imperial College London.  He has extensive experience in broadband telecommunication network infrastructures and services, and over the years has been involved in several projects relating to the development and evaluation of next generation access technologies. His talk will provide a comprehensive overview of the currently emerging copper technologies that can enable very high data transmission over short distances for the last drop. Focusing on Vectoring, VPlus/Super-Vectoring and G.Fast, the talk will discuss the technical characteristics, performance metrics, key attributes and challenges of these technologies.

Session 3



Mariana Goldhamer


3GPP RAN standardization expert,

 4GCelleX, Israel


Mrs Mariana Goldhamer, an expert in 3GPP standardization body, will present the definition of the New Radio (NR) technology in parallel with significant enhancements to LTE technology. The presentation will address selected topics related to NR requirements, up-dates from August 2016 meetings related to NR architecture, way forwards related to NR physical layer and LTE enhancements.



Dr. Michael Sharpe


Spectrum and Equipment Regulation Director, ETSI



Michael Sharpe received his PhD from the University of Essex in the UK.  Since then, he has worked at BBC Television, Ford Motor Company and the UK Radiocommunications Agency before joining ETSI in 1995.  At ETSI he has occupied several roles, including Vice-President of ETSI Standardisation Projects, Director of Technical Strategy and most recently Director of Spectrum and Equipment Regulation.

In his current role, Michael Sharpe is responsible for ensuring effective co-operation of ETSI’s technical activities with the work of key regulatory bodies and partner standards bodies at the National, European and Global level.  His current priorities include working with the European Commission to ensure the smooth introduction of the Radio Equipment Directive, and the continuing close co-operation with CEPT and the Commission Radio Spectrum Unit to ensure that ETSI Harmonized Standards and Regulations on radio frequency use are developed in a co-ordinated and effective manner.

ETSI is a producer of globally applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), including fixed, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and Internet technologies. ETSI is officially recognized by the European Union as a European Standards Organization, and produces Harmonized Standards which allow self-declaration of conformity against European regulatory requirements.  ETSI standards help ensure the free movement of goods within the single European market and help to boost industrial competitiveness.

Session 4



Georgios Onopas


Access Network Fixed & Mobile Director, OTEGroup, Greece



Mr. Georgios A. Onopas was born in Athens, Greece, in 1968. He is currently Director of the fixed & mobile Access Networks Department of OTE Group in Greece. He has actively participated in the development of all Cosmote Group Networks in the Balkan area.

He has been engaged in NGA, Fttx, 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi deployment, Spectrum Strategy, Radio Network Planning, Network Performance monitoring and to a greater extent in measurements of receptivity and the quality of COSMOTE Network since October 1997. He has leading many innovative technology projects on a variety of technologies like GSM, UMTS, LTE, FEMTO, WiFi.

Friday 2/9/2016

Session 1



Dr. Panos Karaminas


Head of Program Management at BEREC


Dr Karaminas will present the market analysis process and the role of BEREC on the methodology used for regulating the telecommunication market and the roles of all involved parties (i.e. National Regulatory Authorities, European Commission and BEREC) in the process. It will also shed light on how this process contributes towards the harmonisation of Europe and the creation of a single market for electronic communications.

Dr. Panos Karaminas is the Head of Programme Management of the BEREC Office. BEREC ensures fair competition and consistency of regulation in the internal market for electronic communications by providing expert advice on market definitions, analysis and remedies, definition of trans-national markets, cross-border disputes and numbering issues.

Between 2007 and 2014, Dr. Karaminas was the Director of the Telecommunications Directorate at the EETT, which is the Greek Regulatory and Competition Authority, between 2005 and 2007, he managed a team of regulation specialists of EETT and prior to this role Dr. Karaminas was the Manager of the Mobile Satellite Services and Radionavigation Satellite Services Unit of Ofcom which is the telecommunications regulator of the UK and before that he was working as Senior Engineer at the R&D labs of Nortel Networks in Harlow, UK.

Session 2



Nikos Toulatos


Senior Presales Manager at ZTE


ZTE introduces the “Big Broadband” concept and the development trends of fixed-line broadband (FBB). The rising Growth of Internet-Connected Devices coupled with the rising requirements for video services are the primary driving forces for broadband development. Big Broadband is considered as the Crucial Infrastructure for the M-ICT Era and increases the Values of Network Operation.

Mr Nikos Toulatos has 6 years working experience in ZTE Corporation occupying the position of Product, Presales and Project Manager. During this period he was one of the corner stones of ZTE Hellas huge growth in CPE ADSL&VDSL Greek market. Main achievement was the 100% penetration in Greek VDSL and ADSL operators and CPE sales over than 2M CPE units. Prepare ZTE response to RFPs in respect to integrated telecommunication solutions. Responsible in regards to commercial and technical customization for CPEs, handsets and MBB dongles. Exposure and cooperation with more than 10 local operators and vendors. Very good knowledge of Android OS, ADSL and VDSL communication technology. Very good knowledge of signaling protocols for VoIP such as SIP, ISUP, MGCP, MEGACO. Extensive experience with all ZTE’s Terminal products. Strong communication and presentation skills. Honored by ZTE Corporation as Star Employee for 2014 for sales division V (South East Europe).



Michalis Sidiropoulos


Product Marketing Engineer, Intracom Telecom


Abstract : Intracom Telecom presents its Small Cell Backhauling solution, StreetNode, in the context of an SDN environment. The “Transforming Mobile Backhaul with the use of SDN” presentation will provide an insight into the challenges and difficulties of the  Small Cell Backhauling environment and introduce our SDN platform enriched with SON capabilities.

Michail K. Sidiropoulos holds a B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, specializing in Telecommunications, from the University of Patras and a M.Sc. in Wireless Communications Systems from Brunel University, London, UK in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

He joined Intracom Telecom in 2009, working at the R&D department, as an RF planning engineer. He also worked as an AXE software engineer, developing new features and functionalities for Ericsson’s AXE portfolio.  Today, he is a Product Marketing Engineer at Intracom Telecom’s Marketing department (Wireless Network Systems Business Division), being responsible for the MW radio portfolio.

His expertise encompasses the wireless product portfolio of Intracom Telecom, on MW and mmWave (V-E bands), while his area of interests includes but is not limited to, RATs, SmC backhauling, 4G/5G, HetNets, SDN/NFV.

Session 4


Maria Guta


Senior Telecommunications System Engineer

European Space Agency (ESA)


Mrs Maria Guta from European Space Agency, (ESA), will present the convergence of terrestrial and satellite technology which has always been a key element of service provisioning. The expectations of 5G press for faster convergence. Such a convergence offers a number of benefits. At the same time there are still few challenges to be tackled. The presentation will provide insight on the status and future development of terrestrial – satellite convergence in Europe and worldwide. The title of her talk is ‘’Combining the strength of satellite and terrestrial networks to deploy 5G’’.



Dr. Anastasios Kourtis, Research Director


Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications, NCSR DEMOKRITOS


Abstract : Virtualisation of hardware equipment along with the advent of SDN and NFV technologies have provided many benefits for the network operators. Recently, Telecomm Operators have realised that these technologies can be profitable to them, and have started to apply these technologies in new generation mobile networks (5G) and satellite networks. SDN and NFV allow operators to open their infrastructures to new developers and create new markets and products.

Dr. Anastasios Kourtis received his BSc in Physics in 1978 and his PhD in Telecommunications in 1984, both from the University of Athens. Since 1986 he is a researcher in the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, and today he is a Research Director and Head of Media Networks Lab. His current research activities include, cloud computing, virtualisation, mobile networks, satellite communications and multimedia. He has more than 100 publications in international scientific journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Kourtis has a leading participation in many EU funded projects and has been Project Manager in four of them.